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Truth and Rememberance: No history or evidence of 9/11 anywhere on the WTC site

Truth and Rememberance at the WTC « Capt. Billy Burke: "

Capt. Billy Burke

Monday | May 28, 2007

Truth and Rememberance at the WTC

"The zeal, bravery and god behavior of the officers and men of Sept. 11 was commendable to the extreme. A heavy task was before them, they were equal to it and we will remember with pride that at the New York City they did their country much service."

But not at the $500 million dollar, federally funded, six acre memorial at the World Trade Center site. There, Mayor Bloomberg, as chairman of the WTC Memorial Foundation has ruled it inappropriate that any of the 343 men of the FDNY who gave their lives be identified by their department (FDNY), company (i.e., Eng. Co. 21, Ladder Co. 3, Rescue Co. 1, etc.) or their rank.

In fact, the Foundation, which is currently asking all Americans to contribute toward the building of the memorial has ruled there can be no history or evidence of 9/11 anywhere on the WTC site "in order to preserve the integrity of the memorial."

Recently, Mayor Bloomberg told several thousand 9/11 families that the victims of 9/11 cannot, at the memorial, be identified wth any reference to 9/11 because, "The memorial is not just for the families but for America."

So, America's memorial cannot and will not include any reference to the terrorist attacksupon America, Sept. 11, 2001. No remnant or artifact of the WTC; no segmant of the facade, no Koenig Sphere, no crushed fire trucks, no American flag. None of that can be restored to where they stood, Sept. 11, because that "would tell us what to think."

The least we can do, the very least, is not compromise on how we honor those who gave all.

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