Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Challenge: A Journey for 9/11 Web Site

Eyewitness News is in Arizona for you to cover Super Bowl XLII. And we had the opportunity Friday to speak with one of the few Giants players who has a Super Bowl ring.

George Martin was a defensive end and captain for the Giants and helped them win Super Bowl XXI.

He is now working toward an even greater cause. He is walking across the country, all 3,200 miles, to raise money for hundreds of ailing 9/11 rescue workers.

He calls them the true heros of our time.

Martin has been walking since September when he crossed over the George Washington Bridge. After the Super Bowl he will fly back to Oklahoma City and resume his cross-country trek.

His goal is to raise $10 million to help defray medical costs for those ailing rescue workers.

If you would like to monitor Martin's progress or donate money you can log on AJourneyfor9/

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